Our industry members are packaging experts, design specialists and the most creative professionals you will meet.  The corrugated industry in Canada is completely integrated – meaning we manufacture the paper components, design the package you need, produce that package in a local plant for you and then provide complete recycling services to retail, industry and household across Canada!

Retail & Display

Packaging influences consumer in-store decisions, it’s a fact.  Corrugated packaging is the ideal choice for point-of purchase displays and mass market pallet presentations for the big box store.


The initial structural design will be prepared for your product and prototypes cut with precision from a cad table.  Choose the right substrate to maximize the printing step that comes next.


Have your brand manager lead the graphic decisions: direct flexo print, litho laminated labels, pre-printed liner for the longer runs or digital print for that impressive quick marketing hit.  It’s all available from your local Canadian supplier.


And if you need help with co-packing, just ask!

Food Packaging

The food industry is a major segment of the corrugated market.  Modern equipment produces at phenomenal speeds to supply cost efficient regular slotted boxes and die cut trays that are formed on robotic equipment by the food producers.


Retail ready designs are common to support efficiency through the retail stores.  Graphics are important here also to present the consumer with colour co-ordinated packaging for all the components on the shelf.


Corrugated board materials are exposed to high heat levels to deliver sanitized material every shipment to meet the high levels of food safety demanded by the today’s consumer.

Industrial Packaging

The typical industrial packaging requirement is simply to protect products during shipment.  Products as small as ball bearings to as large as a freezer or long like vinyl siding are all shipping globally thanks to corrugated packaging designs.


Every flute thickness is employed to get the job done – micro flute, single wall, double wall, triple wall as well as laminated options.  Just tell us what you need and where you need to ship, we do the rest.


We now can have the world delivered to our door step and corrugated boxes gets it there.  As the e-commerce world continues to evolve, so do the design capabilities of our industry.


It is important for the consumer to receive packaging that is the right size and with features to guarantee the contents are safe.  Innovations for the shipper are of prime consideration also.


Corrugated materials that have done their job still have a life.  That’s why we want it all back – so we can use it again.  The ability to recycle paper packaging is available almost everywhere.  In Canada 98% of household corrugated is recycled and our mill production technology is the best you can find.  The more you use, the more we recycle.