Each day, in homes and businesses, corrugated cardboard is used for various purposes. From communicating essential information to helping to market to and attract new customers, cardboard is a versatile and innovative packaging option. But did you know that corrugated cardboard packaging can be a fun and creative learning tool as well?

Welcome to the world of Corrugami, a place where fun, creativity and artistic desire meet the real world!

Origami is well known as the art of folding paper into creative art forms and the Canadian Corrugated & Containerboard Association is delighted to introduce you to using corrugated cardboard to put your imagination into over-drive.

Cardboard can be cut, glued, taped, painted, peeled apart, or combined with other materials to make a vast array of projects for any age group.  Some classrooms hold a competition to make the strongest bridge or the bests mask or the most colourful hanging mobile – possibilities are endless, and the pictures below give a glimpse into some great ideas.


Watch corrugated cardboard come to life!

Join our YouTube channel at “Canadian Corrugated & Containerboard Association”  (make it a favourite so you only type that long name in once) for some short video clips about Corrugami in action.  Also have a look at “The Paper Man” video about the masterful paper sculpturing talent of Claude Lafortune, a Canadian icon.

When your project has fulfilled a useful life, send it back to us in your blue box and we will start all over again.  So easy!

Corrugami Photos

Corrugami City
Corrugami Downtown
Corrugami Mask
Corrugami Lion