Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability and Corrugated

Paper is the packaging of choice when it comes to environmental sustainability and a circular economy as it is made from a renewable resource and it is recyclable.

A Renewable Resource: Responsibly Managed

Only a small amount of Canada’s extensive forest land is actually harvested every year (0.2% of Canada’s forest land), according to the data from Natural Resources Canada’s State of Canada’s Forests Annual Report, (2022) and by law, all forests harvested on crown land must be successfully regenerated.

Recycling: Creating new products again and again

Corrugated boxes are one of the most widely recycled materials. And, thanks to the commitment of consumers in recycling their used paper packaging, most corrugated boxes are made from recycled content. In fact, our partners at the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC), through their recent Recycled Content Survey found that the average recycled content for domestic shipments of containerboard, which is used to make corrugated shipping boxes was 86.5%.

Recycle Your Paper Packaging

Corrugated materials that have done their job still have a life after they have been used. It is important to recycle your used paper products so that they can be turned into new packaging repeatedly.

To learn more about the environmental attributes of paper packaging, please visit www.ppec-paper.com.


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