Celebrating over 90 Years

Published On: December 21, 2022Categories: Industry News

Maritime Paper Products is celebrating over 90 years of being in the corrugated industry. During those years, they have maintained the same brand name and values: long term stewardship with environmental integrity and a focus on community well-being. They are one of the longest standing independent brands in Canada, with a solid foundation in the east coast.


Colonel S. C. Oland, W.H.C Schwartz and J.R. Cullen established Maritime Paper Products in 1931, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Originally created to support the brewing industry, Maritime Paper Products now services more than 800 clients with over 16,000 customized products primarily in the food and beverage sectors serving a diverse customer base in Atlantic Canada along with international markets. This long-standing feat could not have been accomplished without the ongoing support of five other operating companies parented by Scotia Invested Limited (SIL Family of Companies).

In 1948, C.W Stairs and J. Stewart became the new owners, strengthening the company’s ties to the east coast and making the company 100% Maritime owned. Ten years later, Roy (R.A) Jodrey’s Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company Limited of Hantsport took over ownership. Roy (R.A) Jodrey’s grandson, George Bishop and the Bishop family, are now the current owners of SIL. The family’s roots are keeping Maritime Paper Products growing strong!

Fun Fact: In 1967, Maritime Paper bought one of the first three-color printer slotters in Canada, alongside a new 87” Langston corrugator.


The company remains on the east coast to this day, with mutual access to both the local and global markets. Shipping both globally and locally helps maintain the familial bond with their community; Maritime Paper Products ships globally so members can stay near their roots. Maritime Papers vision is to continue to support their loyal customers by investing in its people and optimizing capital investments as it prepares for the future.