An Easy Message to Spread

Published On: December 21, 2022Categories: Industry News

“It is easy to promote and be excited about corrugated boxes because I truly believe in the product,” said Jimmy Garfinkle, President and CEO of Mitchel Lincoln.

During his time as Vice President of the Canadian Corrugated & Containerboard Association (CCCA), Jimmy focused on the sustainability of the industry. With his team of passionate and experienced senior members, Jimmy found the CCCA’s message not hard to spread as corrugated does what it says it will do while being a cost effective and eco-friendly product.

Jimmy got involved with the CCCA in 2005 and served on the executive committee for three years. His role was to overlook policy, guidance, and maintain a consistent message coming out of the association.

The transparent messaging is meaningful from farmers and members of the production line to everyone in between. “I have kids and grandchildren. I want to make sure they will grow up on a healthy planet,” said Jimmy. At any purchasing level, individuals have the right to make choices, while the CCCA has a responsibility of informing some of these choices for consumers.

CCCA promotes recycled materials made by the mills and converters in the association. Atlantic and Mitchel Lincoln produce recycled products for use in all distribution and packaging businesses, like many of the members of the association. Overall, some products in the market are more sustainable than others, and Jimmy would not rally behind a product with which he does not sincerely agree.

Mitchel Lincoln was founded in 1965 by Mitch Garfinkle and continues its roots along with Atlantic packaging to be a forerunner in the paper industry. “There are many opportunities to get involved at any level,” said Jimmy. For himself, the corrugated industry gave his family an incredible foundation, and he encourages others to take part, whether as a tradesperson or in a managerial position.

The pandemic highlighted the job security within the industry. When companies were moving remotely, there was pressure to stay safe and support the economy. 2020 relied on shipping goods from essential markets – such as food, beverage, and pharma – reinforcing the corrugated cardboard industry as an essential business. The products proved to be significant and relevant to everyday life. If the companies in the corrugated industry did not work, the distribution of local products would shut down.

The change in the working routine also emphasized the effective health and safety of the industry. As an essential business, Mitchel Lincoln was not hit by a massive shut down due to COVID-19. The company adapted to some remote work and new protocols in the field to support the shipping of goods during the pandemic. All necessary precautions were taken to ensure employee safety during these unusual times. Jimmy is proud to note that they did not have any COVID outbreaks–proving the responsibility shown by the team.

Jimmy encourages anyone to consider a career in the industry, working with companies that care about their employees. The stable environment allows for growth (as exemplified by Jimmy and his family) and a long-term income. These companies care about sustainable products and healthy employees. The CCCA has a major role in continuing the message for the industry in the public view.

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