There are many definitions of sustainability (let alone sustainable packaging), which makes it rather difficult to determine what is and isn’t “sustainable.” However, there is general consensus that sustainability is a three-legged stool, comprising environmental responsibility, economic viability and social desirability. All three need to be weighed equally to achieve true sustainability.


While sustainable packaging is a key part of Canadian Corrugated Containerboard Association’s mandate, the practical monitoring and action on this file is led by the association’s environmental arm, the Paper & Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council. PPEC represents the Canadian corrugated & containerboard industry on the North American Expert Panel (inputting among other things to the Wal-Mart scorecard in the US) and is also a member of Walmart Canada’s Sustainable Value Network (SVN) as Walmart Canada moves to extend its environmental scorecard to Canada. PPEC is also active in forums on sustainable packaging organized by the Canadian Council of Ministers for the Environment (CCME) and is closely involved with related issues through Waste Diversion Ontario and various provincial recycling associations.

Sustainability and Corrugated

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