We deal with Canadian politicians, Canadian civil servants, Canadian industry associations, and the Canadian public. We are staffed by Canadians and our member fees stay in Canada. But we also operate in a North American marketplace, and work closely with related industry associations such as the American Forest & Paper Association (AF & PA), Fibre Box Association (FBA), Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC), and the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC).

Canadian Corrugated Containerboard Association represents 11 of the 13 containerboard mill sites across the country, 39 of the 44 corrugator plants, 11 sheet plants, and numerous related subsidiaries. We have political clout and are working to enhance it by developing a “common-issues” agenda with other players in the paper industry because it makes sense and has a greater chance of success for all.

We don’t claim to speak for others. Our key aim is to defend and promote a level playing field between competitive materials. And we’ve been doing this through the industry’s environmental arm (the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council or PPEC) for over 20 years. PPEC has an outstanding track record and unsurpassed expertise and knowledge of environmental issues in Canada and speaks collectively for the whole industry (corrugated, boxboard, kraft paper). The council has an exemplary history of pro-active leadership and represents Canada on the North American “Expert Panel” on Sustainability (an informal grouping of industry associations including among others, AF & PA, FBA and PPC). The council is not afraid to critically examine and report on the flaws it finds in various scorecards and rating systems. It sponsors an annual Cutting through the Greenwash seminar. For more information, see the very succinct brochure Why PPEC Matters.

In addition to networking with colleagues at the board and committee level, Canadian Corrugated Containerboard Association members get significant discounts.

The association’s website posts almost 60 different labour agreements for plants across Canada, allowing members to share information and discern trends. The agreements are regularly updated and the association publishes a regular headline service (Labour Update). A password-protected message board has been added so that members can share comments and suggestions on what more the association can do for them in this area.

Canadian Corrugated Containerboard Association produces an annual Summary of Injuries and Illnesses in Corrugator Plants.

The association has posted details of various federal and provincial programs in five major areas of interest to the industry on its website. Through a protected-password system, member companies now have access to all program details (which are constantly updated). Again, there is a message board for members to pass on suggestions for the benefit of all.

The association is currently reviewing all of its statistical offerings with a view to determining what it makes public (on its website and through press releases); what it shares with associate members; and what is accessible to members only. It plans to make some international data public and some exclusive to the membership. At the moment it offers monthly data on shipments of corrugated boxes, wrappers and sheets, corrugating medium and linerboard, imports and exports, and inventories. Both the mill and converter data survey forms are compiled offsite by an independent third-party. To further protect confidentiality, and to ensure that anti-trust guidelines are met, data is aggregated where necessary.

These include significant member discounts on all association events; website listings of products and/or services that companies provide; a membership plaque for public display; and inclusion of company name/logo in advertising and promotional material.

Associate Membership Benefits

Many of the benefits also apply to associate members:

  • being part of Canada’s largest Corrugated & Containerboard Association
  • its focus on Canadian issues
  • its expertise and proactive leadership on environmental and sustainability matters through PPEC
  • access to various statistics (shipment data for converted product, for example), and to the Government Program database; membership discounts, website listings and being on the association’s preferred suppliers list.

But the most important benefit, our current associates tell us, is access to our full members. We are boosting these networking opportunities.

Member Services

Market Statistics:

  • Mill Shipments Report
  • Corrugated Shipments Reports
  • Members Quarterly Summary
  • Import Report
  • ICCA Quarterly Reports
  • Members and Associates Qtr. Stats Summary
  • Members and Associates News Bulletins

Performance Benchmarking:


Human Resources:

  • Annual Box Plant Occupational Injuries Report
  • Quarterly Labour Update
  • Bi-Annual Industrial Relations Manual