Packaging Engineering Technician

The Packaging Engineering Technician program provides training in the structural design of packaging materials. Students will learn to design packaging utilizing different materials: metal, glass, plastic, paper, and corrugated. Critical in the design of any packaging are product protection (safety and security), durability, the ability to recycle materials, and sustainability opportunities and issues. The delivery of the program includes approximately 10% online courses. The optional co-op stream includes one co-op work term.

Flexo Services

Following a surge in dialogue in the graphic arts industry as a whole, the Institute started its activities in a brand new building in May 1996. Its objectives were to meet the needs of an industry undergoing great change in a globalizing economy.

It was a considerable challenge, and to take it up, the QIGC looked to recruit experienced men and women with a vision for the future. Driven by a desire to take action, go the extra mile and provide companies with better resources, they have developed tailored services for everyone along the graphic production line. As a non-profit organization, the QIGC has been equipped with cutting-edge equipment by the industry. It is quite exceptional for an establishment such as the QIGC to be able to offer this standard of equipment solely for scientific and training purposes, and it brings undeniable added value to all the services that the Institute provides.